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If you’ve ever wondered what makes a man a keeper they’re easy to recognize.

There’s a distinct difference from a man who is going somewhere and a man who isn’t.

I want to take the mystery out of it for you, with these three ways to tell when he’s a keeper.

1. He’s got momentum. For a man to make it in the long run he has to have momentum. If he stalls out anywhere along the way you’re about to go nowhere.

This means from the moment he meet you his plans intensify. He wants to see you more, he wants to introduce you to his friends and family, he makes long-range plans with you.

Momentum is super important for a man and it can literally by itself tell you, if he has it, he’s a keeper.

2. He wants to do things for you. When a man is in love with you he wants to give you things and do things for you. You don’t have to ask because he’s way ahead of you.

He’s literally looking for things to do for you. He checks your car to see if you have enough gas. He takes heavy things out of your hands and carries them. He keeps an eye on you to make sure you’re comfortable.

3. He makes and keeps agreements. This is what separates the men from the boys. Real men have no problem making commitments to you and keeping them.

A relationship is a series of kept agreements. You can consider a man a keeper when he does what he says he’s going to do consistently.

A man who can have a long-term relationship with you has momentum.

He wants to do things for you. He makes and keeps agreements and he looks forward to making them with you.

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How To Recognize A MAN Who’s A Keeper