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What Guys Are REALLY Looking For In A Relationship

When you first meet a guy you like, you have questions. You want to know if he’s serious about having a relationship? Does he want to have children? What his long-term plans are?

While these are important questions they are not the first questions on the man’s mind.

Before he’s ready to answer your questions. There are three questions he’s asking himself; you’re not even aware of.

Here are the three things a guy is looking for in a relationship.

1. Banter. For a man, a relationship begins with the ability to talk in a playful, non-logical way.

It’s often a running joke that gets you started speaking to each other in the first place.

Banter is a creative way to discover you. Men love a mysterious woman who slowly unfolds. He wants to court you.

2. Fun. Simply put, it has to be fun to be with you. You may think this is overly simplistic when looking for a relationship.

For man to take on the responsibility of marriage and children. He has to know it’s fun to be with you along the way.

Men are practical romantics. Banter and fun lead them into a serious relationship, with this last final thing.

3. A better man. Men marry virtue. They marry a woman who makes them a better man.

This happens when you allow a man to court you and win you over.

When he finds himself doing things he wouldn’t ordinarily do for the sake of the team. You have awakened his desire to be a better man.

Men fall in love when they give. Courtship is when a man discovers he’s in love with you.

A guy is looking for a playful, non-logical banter that creates a new world for the two of you.

When you’re having fun, you can get you through anything. Laughter is a good sign it’s fun to be with you.

When a man finds himself inspired to be a better man, because you let him court you. All your relationship questions will be answered with a resounding… “yes, I do.”

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By James Hanrahan

3 How To Meet Men Offline EASILY Secrets

Maybe you’re tired of swiping and being swept. First, it keeps going nowhere. Second, the guys you meet just can’t seem to get it together.

Before you give up hope, let’s take a moment and go old-school. I want to share with you three ways you want to know, how to meet men offline easily.

1. Going old-school. When I say old school I mean it. Classes, workshops, events, places where you’re learning something.

The best way to meet a guy is in neutral territory. Classes allow you to get to know a guy without the pressure of dating him.

2. Introductions. When someone introduces you it gives you instant credibility.

The best is, to get a guy to introduce you to another guy. As men we understand if a guy introduces us to a woman; she’s available.

3. Ask a guy for help. This works really well and it doesn’t even matter what you say.

It’s as simple as “do you know how to” or “do you know where is” fill in the blank.

Don’t underestimate how effective this is. As a man I can tell you it works all the time.

When you nonchalantly open a conversation a man will step into it.

What makes these three ways so effective is they aren’t try-hard. You’re simply going about your life and meeting men.

I call it “strategic spontaneity.” Men love to meet a woman they didn’t even see coming. It makes him think meeting you was his idea. When this happens he’ll take over from there.

Remember to go old-school and learn something new.

Have a guy introduce you to another guy gives you instant credibility without being try-hard.

Nonchalantly asking a man for help, will have men walking straight into conversations with you.

A conversation is all you need; because a conversation is the beginning of a date.

James Allen Hanrahan is a highly sought after dating and relationship coach for STRONG women based in Los Angeles. Get his FREE Chemistry to Commitment formula for lasting love. If you’re a smart woman struggling to achieve relationship success, check out the treasure trove of information in Dating Advice for Alpha Women.

By James Hanrahan

3 Secrets You MISS Looking For Mr. Right

What’s wrong with our search for Mr. Right?
It’s a given you want to find and date Mr. Right. I get that, however I want to take a moment to point out the value of dating Mr. right now.

There are at least 3 reasons to date Mr. Right now that come to mind. let’s get started with the number #1 reason.

1. You’re not currently dating Mr. Right. This is obvious however, common knowledge is not always common practice. The universe responds to momentum, it helps you when you take action.

This brings up the issue of practice. The first reason to date Mr. right now is we need the practice. It’s much easier to practice being yourself with someone who isn’t perfect and working out your dating kinks (yes we all have them) instead of waiting until you meet someone who is perfect.

 2. We always date the right wrong person until we get the lesson. Never underestimate the power of dating the wrong person right now.

Everyone brings us a lesson, even the biggest heart break is planting the seeds of a greater love. Everyone who walks with us even for the shortest of times is a gift.

3. How do you know he’s not Mr. Right. It’s human nature to blemish people and find fault with them, it helps us feel safe and avoid the discomfort of being vulnerable.

The irony of dating Mr. Right now, is often times a man becomes Mr. Right by walking with you. Every Mr. Right I’ve ever heard of has one key ingredient; character.

Character takes time to grow on you. This means that no matter who we meet there’s no guarantee they are Mr. Right. In making the case for dating Mr. Right now, I want to share with you the only two things you need to look for right now.

A conversation that doesn’t end, and a man with the ability to make and keep agreements. In my experience that’s enough for right now.

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