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James Allen Hanrahan

Dating Relationship Coach Los Angeles Santa Monica

About Me

James Allen Hanrahan is an Author, Speaker, an Educator of effective communication strategies for male/female relationships. He is a certified ASR educator and T.A.practitioner.

His mentor is renowned relationship expert Dr. Pat Allen whom he has written two books with: A Life of Love and Dating Advice For Alpha Women. He is based with his wife Una in Santa Monica CA.

A relationship and communication expert he works daily with individuals to navigate love and relationships with his unique Alpha Coaching program the ultimate guide for Alpha women in relationships.

My Services


Chemistry to commitment coaching and workshops are for busy professional women who have their business and professional lives on the front burners and relationships on the back burner.

I will help you transform your dating life of unavailable men, disappearing man and players into dating high-quality, confident and mature men who want a long-term relationship.

My clients are women who are serious about having a relationship and don’t want to waste time with the wrong guy.

Coaching Program

Having your own dating coach changes everything. Having a man’s perspective will help you understand men and how to communicate with them. As a man with 7 years of marriage experience, I will share with you what it takes for a man to marry and what a man is looking for in a life partner. This coaching is for women who are ready to date with purpose and clarity.

Recent Books


If you’ve ever had a feeling in your gut, someone’s words didn’t match their music; leaving you feeling intuitively uneasy, then you have experienced the concept of “games people play.”

Popularized and discovered/created
by Eric Berne. For which in this book I am a third-generation protagonist. I also want to acknowledge the influence of Claude Steiner’s book “Scripts People Live.”

2498316“A Live of Love” is a guide book on how to create Male/Female relationships that work. It is based on the first universal law of attraction–polarity. It applies the principles of Yin and Yang energy by describing the differences between men and women and how to communicate with either. It teaches simple language tools to help you communicate your “Want’s and Don’t Want’s” providing a framework for deep intimacy and long lasting love.

4185653“Dating Advice For Alpha Women” is the first book of its kind to address the new dating landscape for Alpha women from an Alpha perspective. Written by Alphas for Alphas, it offers a unique road map to finding love as an Alpha woman.

I Love To Write


My relationship was in a stuck situation, when i was feeling confuse about my relationship. I found James on yelp, gave him a call. He was nice, smart and straight to the point of what i should and should not do at that moment. He helped me with how to have a good communication with my BF which me and my BF had a big issue on that. James was really helpful and a fun person to talk to. I highly recommend him if you need any kind of relationship help.

Jean W.

James is someone that I know I can go to calm my spinning head and nerves at anytime! He is always willing to make himself available and has such a playful way of coaching that encourages me to let go of drama and just focus on enjoying the journey. He helps me bring a level of lightness and play to my way of communication with the love of my life. AND I just got engaged!! ?


Contact Me

For Coaching consultations use the form below or text/call 310-795-4264 and I will send you my calendar link. Investing in yourself means your truly ready for change and I'm excited for you. Lets get started!

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Get James' FREE Chemistry to Commitment formula