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Have you ever had chemistry with someone you meet them, you fall in love, have sex right away, spend all you’re time
with them. When suddenly somewhere between the first day and the ninetieth day it ends and you’re devastated and you don’t know why? This 98 minute 14 lesson DVD home study course is designed to help you take that initial chemistry that feels so good and transform it into a courtship and finally into a committed relationship.

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2498316“A Live of Love” is a guide book on how to create Male/Female relationships that work. It is based on the first universal law of attraction–polarity. It applies the principles of Yin and Yang energy by describing the differences between men and women and how to communicate with either. It teaches simple language tools to help you communicate your “Want’s and Don’t Want’s” providing a framework for deep intimacy and long lasting love.

4185653“Dating Advice For Alpha Women” is the first book of its kind to address the new dating landscape for Alpha women from an Alpha perspective. Written by Alphas for Alphas, it offers a unique road map to finding love as an Alpha woman.

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