By James Hanrahan

The 3 TRUE Reasons All Your Friends Are Getting Married Not You

When all your friends are getting married, it can start to get annoying. It’s as if there’s some secret formula that no one’s told you about.

You’re happy for them, but it does get you to thinking. How come all my friends are getting married but not me?

To answer that question here are three reasons to consider.

1. They like simple men. You’re attracted to complicated men, the ones you have to figure out. Men who don’t have a plan and are constantly giving you mixed signals.

They like simple men who are straightforward and let them know where they stand. There’s no drama because these men have a plan and let them know what it is.

2. They don’t like drama. You get caught up in the drama and adrenaline rush of not knowing if a guy likes you. They simply move on and get another guy. You think you’re going to change him, they know better.

Drama is a great past time if you’re not going anywhere. It’s like going to the movies; lots of feelings, a roller coaster of emotions, that is, until the lights come on.

3. They know how to be on a team. You’re trying to get what you want from men who don’t want to give it to you. They know how to negotiate.

They asked for what they want and say no to what they don’t want while respecting what a man thinks and caring about how they themselves feel.

They insist on a man who makes and keeps his agreements. You overlook broken promises and hope things will get better.

Your friends are attracted to simple men because they know life is hard enough without having a complicated man.

They don’t like drama because they want to have children and they don’t want to marry an immature man.

They know that being on a team requires a man who can make and keep his agreements and they choose a man who can.

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