By James Hanrahan

The Turn Him ON Slow Formula That Attracts Quality Men

When a guy likes you, he’s turned on and he can’t help himself. His enthusiasm is off the charts. He wants to see you all the time and he’s got big plans.

Enthusiasm is important and you want a man to have it. The only problem is it distorts his sense of reality. This is where you come in.

In order to turn his enthusiasm into reality you’re going to have to slow him down without squelching his enthusiastic bliss.

The hard part is to turn his enthusiasm into responsibility. This is done by letting him know what you require to be in a relationship.

Men demonstrate love by what they’re willing to be responsible for. This means you can count on him for more than just the feeling of love.

Slowing a man down allows him to consider the more practical aspects of a relationship. It requires him to come up with a plan.

The first way to slow a man down and the most sobering is to not have intercourse with him until you get to know him better.

You do this by letting him know that you think he’s smart, funny, handsome etc. however you don’t feel comfortable having intercourse until you get to know him better.

This allows him to get to know you as a human being, not just someone he’s attracted to.

When a man gets overly focused on sex, he loses sight of reality and stops making plans with you.

Slowing him down allows him to stay enthusiastic about having a relationship with you and winning you over. When a man is focused on reality and creating a definitive plan for you, he’s turned on slow and you’re on your way to having a long-term relationship.

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