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By James Hanrahan

3 Secret Ways To Tell He’s Crazy About You

When you want to know if a guy likes you, it’s important to know what to look for.

The confusion starts when you start to analyze what he’s saying.
There’s an easier way, in fact there are three telltale signs he’s crazy about you.
With that in mind, here are the three things to look for.
1. He wants to give to you.
When a man is crazy about you, he can’t help but want to give you things.
Dinners, movies and gifts may seem unimportant or outdated, but when a man consistently gives them to you. He’s falling in love.
For your part saying “thank you for ____” fill in the blank, is music to his ears and will keep the dance going.
2. He wants to protect you.
While this may seem primitive, it’s still instinctual for man who cares about you to want to protect you.
The modern day version of this is that he cares about the condition of your car, that you get home okay, etc.
He cares about where you are in time and space and pays attention to how you’re doing.
3. He cares about how you feel.
When a man starts to care about how you feel in regards to what he’s doing. He’s definitely crazy about you.
This means the long-term relationship switch in his brain is turned on.
This is especially true when you have a disagreement and he takes your feelings into consideration.
Men fall in love when they give, make no mistake about it. 
If he makes an effort to protect you and cares where you are in time and space, the green light is on.
When he tells you what he thinks and asks you how you feel about it, he’s wiring himself for a relationship. In other words, he’s crazy about you.
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By James Hanrahan

How To Build ATTRACTION That Lasts Forever

When you meet a guy, either you have chemistry or you don’t.

No matter how good a guy is on paper, if your body doesn’t like him, you’ve got no chance.

However, attraction is something you can build. There are three keys to creating attraction you want to know, if you want a relationship that lasts.

1. Anticipation. Building attraction requires anticipation. This means if you want to have a long-term relationship you need to start thinking long-term.

The way to do this is to remember that anticipation outranks consummation.

In other words, the longer you wait before you have sex, the more attraction you’ll build.

Sex doesn’t build attraction, anticipation does.

2. Have a fight. I’m not saying go out of your way to have a fight. I’m saying you don’t really know someone until you do.

Attraction is increased when you’re able to stay with people, even on the days when you don’t like them.

Having a fight is not what builds attraction. It’s the ability to get through it, that makes your attraction stronger.

3. Make a commitment. When you’re sitting on the fence, not much happens in any aspect of your life. When you commit to another human being you awaken attraction you might not even know you had.

Attraction is built when you can count on someone to do what they say they’re going to do.

A relationship is a conversation that doesn’t end, and a series of kept agreements. This is the practical definition of lasting love.

If you want to build attraction that lasts you’ll need anticipation. Fighting is not the end of a relationship, it’s a sign you’re beginning to care.

A commitment takes your chemistry to another level. A level where you can build your attraction into a love that lasts forever.

James Allen Hanrahan is a highly sought after dating and relationship coach for STRONG women based in Los Angeles. Get his FREE Chemistry to Commitment formula for lasting love. If you’re a smart woman struggling to achieve relationship success, check out the treasure trove of  information in Dating Advice for Alpha Women.

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3 Secret Ways To Tell He’s Crazy About You
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