By James Hanrahan

What Men LOOK For In Strong Women They Want

A man is turned on by what he sees. However he’s attracted to what he can’t see.

There will never be a man as strong as a woman inside. This is demonstrated by her ability to say no, the flexibility of her yes, and by her standards.

Let’s look at how these three things come together to create the total package.

1. Standards. When a strong woman has standards, it allows a man to know where he stands at any time in the relationship.

When a man is attracted to you. He wants to know one simple thing. What does it take to be with you?

When you answer this question with your standards and you say no to anything that is below your standards. You give him a roadmap of what it takes to be with you.

2. Saying no. As much as a man will try anything to get you to say yes the strength of a woman is in her ability to say no.

Men are attracted to women who know how they feel. When as a strong woman you say no to what doesn’t feel good. A man suddenly wakes up and values you. Men are inspired by what takes effort to obtain.

3. The total package. A real man is looking for the total package. For men this means a woman who isn’t afraid to say yes and knows when to say no.

Saying yes to a man turns him on, he sees you as flexible and available. Saying no to a man inspires him to do what he knows he can do better.

A strong woman knows how to give a man three things that he wants.

Standards that give him a roadmap of what’s required to be with you.

The flexibility of your yes, and the firmness of your no. This total package attracts a man to you in a way that lasts.

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