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By James Hanrahan

3 How To Meet Men Offline EASILY Secrets

Maybe you’re tired of swiping and being swept. First, it keeps going nowhere. Second, the guys you meet just can’t seem to get it together.

Before you give up hope, let’s take a moment and go old-school. I want to share with you three ways you want to know, how to meet men offline easily.

1. Going old-school. When I say old school I mean it. Classes, workshops, events, places where you’re learning something.

The best way to meet a guy is in neutral territory. Classes allow you to get to know a guy without the pressure of dating him.

2. Introductions. When someone introduces you it gives you instant credibility.

The best is, to get a guy to introduce you to another guy. As men we understand if a guy introduces us to a woman; she’s available.

3. Ask a guy for help. This works really well and it doesn’t even matter what you say.

It’s as simple as “do you know how to” or “do you know where is” fill in the blank.

Don’t underestimate how effective this is. As a man I can tell you it works all the time.

When you nonchalantly open a conversation a man will step into it.

What makes these three ways so effective is they aren’t try-hard. You’re simply going about your life and meeting men.

I call it “strategic spontaneity.” Men love to meet a woman they didn’t even see coming. It makes him think meeting you was his idea. When this happens he’ll take over from there.

Remember to go old-school and learn something new.

Have a guy introduce you to another guy gives you instant credibility without being try-hard.

Nonchalantly asking a man for help, will have men walking straight into conversations with you.

A conversation is all you need; because a conversation is the beginning of a date.

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By James Hanrahan

5 Quality Ways To Meet Men You NEED to Know

There are basically five ways you can meet men. I want to go over the five ways and explain to you what I think are the best ways to meet men.

1. Online dating. You can meet men online dating and many people have found it successful. The major challenges are you can’t tell if you have chemistry, and compatibility is often an issue as people often live too far away.

It’s hit or miss but it does provide a big supply of dates for you to practice. Most of my coaching clients use it and it does get you in the game. The most important thing is to be dating, and this will do it.

2. At work. There are some obvious drawbacks to dating someone you work with. It can get awkward at the office and it could even cost you your job. Then there are your clients, again this could get awkward and this could cost you as well. In my experience work is not a great idea.

3.  Friends and family. Being introduced is always a good way to meet someone, having mutual friends in common helps you to open up and feel comfortable in conversation. Family members can also bring in people you don’t know and any introduction is a good introduction. This is a good way to meet people.

4. Professional matchmaker. A Matchmaker can work but it’s often expensive and again you still have the same problems regarding chemistry and compatibility. It’s not impossible and it’s worked for people, however it’s again not one of my top choices.

5. Being out and about. this is my favorite way to meet people, for this you can use the tools in the book A Life of Love. The reason I like out and about is when you’re out and about you have 3 things that are necessary to meet someone.

Out and about means workshops, classes, events even the grocery store, any group setting. Theres are 3 reasons I like group settings.

Action step: This week choose one or two of these ways and use them.

1. Unstructured time. When you go to an event, there are breaks. There’s unstructured time before the meeting starts. There’s unstructured time after the event. When people have unstructured time, they have time to talk. This is a very important first key.

2. Common interest. When you go to an event that’s something you’re interested in. For example I met my wife dancing salsa. Taking a dance class is another way you can meet someone with a similar interest, it creates a talking point and place to start that is very valuable.

3. Group settings. We tend to be friendlier in a group setting. We feel more comfortable in a social environment. It allows us to feel safe to talk to people that ordinarily we might not talk to. It can be difficult to talk to strangers, but when you see a person on a regular basis, it becomes easier to talk to them.

One of my favorite things to do, is something that meets for quite a few weeks. You can start to get to know people and see them interact with others. In this way you will start to feel comfortable.

Social settings allow us to become more attracted to people as we see them on a regular basis. Use this to your advantage, go to regular meetings, go to events, go to workshops and see people regularly. People are more comfortable in a social setting use it to your advantage.

Action step: This week choose one or two of these ways and use them. Also don’t forget to read, A Life of Love.

3 How To Meet Men Offline EASILY Secrets
5 Quality Ways To Meet Men You NEED to Know