By James Hanrahan

3 UNEXPECTED Risks You Take When Thinking About Marriage

Marriage isn’t for everyone however if you’re thinking that it might be for you, it’s good to understand the risks involved. Marriage is a business, if you don’t think it’s a business try getting a divorce.

Everything worth doing has some risk involved. Here are three risks you might not have thought of if you’re thinking about getting married.

1. You’re going to grow. Everyone talks about wanting to grow but here’s the thing. We can’t grow alone we have to be reflected.

There’s nothing like entertaining the idea of getting married with someone. It will bring out the best and the worst in you.

The best in you will cause you to stretch and take on the cares and feelings of another person. The worst in you will resent the same cares and feelings and find it to be an invasion of your self-interest.

Growth is painful, but you don’t get there by standing on the sidelines. The mere act of entertaining the idea of marrying someone is an instant catalyst for change.

2. You’ll find yourself. You’d think that marriage was about finally finding the right person. While some of this is obviously true, the real thing is you find yourself.

The good news is you find yourself, and the bad news is you find yourself. You find out all the areas where your magnanimous and kind. Then you find out all the areas where you’re selfish and self-centered.

You get to do this with an ever ready mirror; your partner. We’re never quite who we think we are until we get to know someone. If you want to find yourself look into someone else’s eyes.

3. You’ll serve others. When you first meet someone it’s exciting to think you’re finally going to be loved.

However much you might not of thought of it, you’re about to serve others. This of course is especially true if you’re contemplating having children.

The good news is serving others is the key to success and happiness. Once you develop this mindset life takes on purpose and meaning. They say that service is its own reward and you’re about to find out what that means.

With all this upside you may be tempted to overlook the risks. Always remember marriage is a business. Don’t sign any legal documents until you’ve known someone for at least a year. While there are no guarantees, choose someone whose character you believe in.

With that in mind be prepared to grow, to find yourself, and to serve others. It’s well worth the risk and without risk, there is no reward.

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