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3 Things Men Want More Than Sex

You might think men want nothing more than sex. While, it is certainly often in their minds, there are three things that are more valuable to men than sex.

In order for a man to fall in love with you, he will unknowingly even to him be looking for these 3 things.

With that in mind, here are the 3 things men want more than sex. I hope these will inspire you to understand the men you date and what men really want when they fall in love with you.

1. Acceptance.

Men want acceptance for who they are right now. Not, who they are going to be in 5 or 10 years but for who they are in this moment.

We all want acceptance but, for men, it is the cornerstone of any long-term relationship.

A man knows that if you do not like his job, his friends, the way he spends his free time, etc. that in the long run, he will have no chance with you.

There’s a long-standing joke that when a man sees his woman as she’s walking down the aisle, he says she looks amazing I hope she never changes.

When a woman sees her man walking down the aisle, she says to herself, I can change him.

There’s a lot of truth in this joke. Men don’t change. If you can accept that, you’re on your way to really have a great man for the rest of your life. Because you already truly like him the way he is.

2. Appreciation.

Most good men follow a very simple equation. When you appreciate what they already do, they will do more.

Men fall in love when they give. They are literally looking for ways to give to you. However, if they get the impression that you don’t appreciate it, or they can’t make you happy, they will give up.

Appreciating what he already does may be very hard for you to do. Because, frankly, some men don’t do much. However, if you can simply start by appreciating the little things they already do, I assure you they will do more, and thank you for it!

3. Admiration.

Now, you may be saying, you’ve gone too far, admiration? Yes, admiration.

Admiration, in this context simply means you admire some aspect of him. Perhaps, it’s his sense of humor, or his work ethic, or the way he treats his family and friends. The key here is to find some aspect that you do admire about him and tell him.

Admiration for a man goes hand-in-hand with respect. Men know that a woman most often can only fall in love with a man she respects.

If you’re with a man that for any reason you don’t respect, please let him go. You only be hurting yourself and him in the long run.

However if you do respect him, the greatest gift you can give a man is to tell him, I respect you.
Respect, inspires a man to be a better man.

You have all the cards to be with the man you want.
The 3 keys to remember are acceptance, appreciation, and admiration.

When you accept a man the way he is right now. You are building a strong foundation for a long-term relationship.

When you appreciate what he’s already doing. when he gets the sense that he can make you happy. He will feel that he can win with you and it will inspire him to no end.

When you admire and respect a man, you give him the confidence to be his best self. Men choose a woman for the long-term by the way he feels when he’s with you.

It’s a simple equation to understanding what good men want. Acceptance, appreciation, and admiration. When you give them to a man, he will fall deeply in love with you.

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By James Hanrahan

The REAL Reason Why Men Suddenly Disappear On You Solution

When you first met him, he could do no wrong. Now he’s your boyfriend or at the very least, soon to be.

Unfortunately along with this title comes the real reason why a guy suddenly disappears.

It’s subtle, and you’re probably not even aware you’re doing it, because you just want him to do better.

This is understandable, however it’s all in how you do it. Let’s look at why he disappears, and the solution on how to change it.

!. Obligation.

To put it simply, obligation is not attractive.

When a man feels obligated to spend time you, have sex with you, or give you affection because he’s your boyfriend and should be doing those things, he’s on the way to disappearing.

Is there anything wrong with wanting those things? Of course not. it’s just that obligation is not the way to get them.

Here’s a better way to get them. It’s the very way you got them in the first place.

2. Attraction.

When a man feels the weight of obligation he suddenly wants space. The moment he has space he remembers he’s attracted to you.

For a man attraction happens because it’s fun to be with you, just like when you met him.

The ironic things is once he’s attracted to you, he’ll do anything for you. Just like in the beginning. Why? Because it’s his idea.

3. The tipping point.

Before a man disappears, he will ask himself. “Am I obligated to be in this relationship or am I attracted to her?”

Attraction happens naturally when you remove obligation from the equation. He will suddenly remember why he likes you, and want to do things with you.

If you have chemistry and connection, you already have something magical. The tipping point works in your favor when you allow attraction to guide your relationship. Attraction is the solution at your finger tips, just like when you first met.

James Allen Hanrahan is a highly sought after dating and relationship coach for STRONG women based in Los Angeles. Get his FREE Chemistry to Commitment formula for lasting love. If you’re a smart woman struggling to achieve relationship success, check out the treasure trove of men’s secrets in Dating Advice for Alpha Women.

By James Hanrahan

3 Secrets Men WANT In Women They Love

Here’s how to make sure he wants you.

There’s an old saying everyone wants to buy, no one wants to be sold. This is especially true of men. When a guy meets you, he wants to buy you.

He wants to think he has discovered something so special that he has to have it. There also needs to be an element of risk, meaning he’s not sure if he can get it.

With that in mind here are the 3 secrets that make men want you.

1. Never ask where is this relationship going. When you ask him where the relationship is going he knows he owns you.

Suddenly he feels you’re trying to sell him something. This is not a good position for you. If you find yourself wondering where a relationship is going, chances are it’s going nowhere.

But, “James I really want to know where the relationship is going.” If you want to know where it’s going, tell him what you require to be in a relationship generally, not with him specifically and see if he’s willing to negotiate with you from there.

2. Know your worth. Men will pay any price to have you, and when it comes to love they’re not looking for a bargain. The world will only pay you what you think you’re worth. A woman who places a high value on herself gets paid in return.

If you second-guess yourself, you will sell yourself short. Men will test you. They will test your patience to see if they can get a cheap deal and get you to take over the responsibility for the relationship. Remember to resist the urge to sell him anything.

3. Know when to say no. Men respect a woman with standards and boundaries. When you say no to a man when it’s appropriate, it lets him know that you’re not a pushover. If he wants to be with you he will have to earn it.

Saying no means I’m willing to lose you, however I’m not willing to lose myself.

Self-love is very attractive to a man, it means he can count on you. It lets him know you’re a real person and won’t be taken lightly.

Remember never ask a man where a relationship is going, when you do a man thinks he owns you. A man buys you when you know your self-worth, and know when to say no. This is what men want in the women they love.

James Allen Hanrahan is a highly sought after dating and relationship coach for SMART women based in Los Angeles. Get his FREE Chemistry to Commitment formula for lasting love. If you’re a smart woman struggling to achieve relationship success, check out the treasure trove of information in Dating Advice for Alpha Women.

By James Hanrahan

How To Turn A Guy On Without EVEN Trying

What are the biggest turn ons for men?

Some will lead you to believe that to turn your man on is about technique. Giving a great blowjob will keep him hopelessly infatuated with you. Now I’m not saying good technique doesn’t hurt, I’m just saying that the definition of a man being turned on happens way outside of the bedroom.

Being turned on happens in a man’s head. Here are three ways to turn a man on that even he is not aware of. No bedroom technique required.

1. Say yes. When he asks you to do something say yes. When he asks you to go somewhere, say yes. Men are turned on by the sound of yes. Once he senses you’re happy to be with him the lights go on.

He starts to imagine all the possibilities of what being with you could be like. And yes, his mind is wandering into what it would be like to have sex with you. That’s because you’ve been saying yes, and that’s a good thing.

2. Follow him. He grabs your hand and wants to escort you across the street, do it. He directs you to go upstairs, downstairs, around the corner, down the street, it doesn’t matter follow him.

When a man senses you’re willing to follow him, it turns him on. He starts to get the feeling that he could take care of you. Men want to lead, when you’re willing to follow it’s a major turn on.

3. Admire him. “OK James now you’ve gone too far. You want me to admire him.” Only if you’re interested in turning him on. If you want to remain friends feel free to skip this step.

Admiration for a man is way easier than it sounds. It will come naturally with a man you truly like. Admiration simply means you appreciate his sense of humor, his intelligence, his productivity in the world. And here is the key, you let him know that you do.

The biggest turn on for a man as simple as this sounds is, “Wow she really likes me.” You may think this happens all the time but I assure you it doesn’t. Men live in a desert of lack of recognition. Adoration is an oasis for them.

Men follow a simple formula, when you say yes to them, it gets them thinking what’s possible. When you follow them, it get them thinking they can take care of you. When you admire them, it ignites a noble quality that makes them want to be better men.

It depends what your definition of turning a man on is. If you want to seduce him, sexual prowess will definitely work. If you want him to fall in love with you. Then, say yes, follow him and admire him.

If you’re an Alpha woman struggling to achieve relationship success, check out the treasure trove of information in Dating Advice for Alpha Women.

James Allen Hanrahan is a highly sought after dating and relationship coach for STRONG women based in Los Angeles. Get his FREE Chemistry to Commitment formula for lasting love.

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