By James Hanrahan

The REAL Truth About Why You Get Mixed Messages From Men

Men who don’t know what they want constantly send out mixed messages.

They like you, but not enough to really be with you. In other words they’re wasting your time.

The most common and most crazy making example is when a man agrees to do something and then doesn’t do it. It’s called being passive aggressive.

It isn’t uncommon for all of us to at one time or another to not be clear about what we want.

However it’s rarely a good sign when you’re with a man, it usually means a train wreck is about to come.

When you get in to a position of trying to figure out the mixed message of a man you’re in danger of hurting yourself. 

Usually figuring men out means you have a narcissist on your hands.These men are interesting because they know what they want they just don’t care what you want.

Some of the best decisions you’ll ever make in relationships are the one you walk away from.

These are hard decisions because your heart is pulling on you. However,the body doesn’t lie. 

Mixed messages are clear signals coming from your body that you’re overlooking things that don’t feel good.

Real relationships with real men are not mysteries or dramas. They’re between two people who can make and keep agreements.

The best way to clear up mixed messages is to ask. Ask the questions you think you shouldn’t ask and the ones close to your heart.

Intimacy builds from the tough moments not the easy ones. Remember that men who can make and keep agreements and are willing to negotiate with you will last. Those who don’t won’t.

Before you waste anymore time on men with mixed messages. Start by asking for what you want and saying no to what you don’t want.

A man who loves you will want to know.

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