By James Hanrahan

Does Your Father Hold The Keys To Your Dating Life

Is he just like your father?

If you want to understand your dating life there’s only one question you need to ask yourself. What was your dad like?

Did he care about how you feel or did he ask you what you think? If he walked in the door would he ask you how did you feel today or how did you do today?

After you’ve answered these questions look at your life. Ask yourself, am I a career woman focusing on doing good in the world, have I lost touch with my feelings?

Then look at the men you’re dating, do they care about how you feel? Are you making all the plans in the relationship, or are they?

If your dad raised you to do good to feel good. You will attract men who want to feel good. These are attractive and non-committal guys that catch your eyes. There called Peter Pans.

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Peter Pans are charming, funny and great in bed. There just not much on working and having a steady job. They’ve got big plans and great ideas they’re just not much on doing the footwork.

They do get you out of your head and make you feel sensual for a few moments. However at the same time they keep you in your head because you’re the one who needs to make plans. You’re the one that needs to get things done.

If the men you’re dating remind you of your father, a man who wasn’t there for you and or didn’t care how you feel. You may be re-creating the same pattern with the men you’re dating.

The first step to change this pattern is awareness. The second is acceptance. And the third is to take contrary action.

Talk to men who care about how you feel. Men who make plans and want to build something with you. These will be men who sound good to your ears not just look good to your eyes.

Take a breath, let your hair down. Put your feet in the sand. Feel good to do good and let your body lead the way.
The body doesn’t lie. When you’re dating ask yourself one simple question. Does being with this guy feel good or not feel good?

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